Get things done, without task management software

We built Input because we wanted there to be a simple, streamlined way to get things done. Something that was the best of both worlds: less heavyweight than task management software, but more powerful than a simple doc. We created Input as an alternative to task management software, word processing docs, and spreadsheets — a hybrid smart doc that would help move projects forward.

The problem with task management software

In the right circumstances, task management software is fine. If you're a project manager, these tools are designed for you — with a massive amount of features and add-ons to fit whatever it is that you might need.

The thing is — most of us aren't project managers. Tools like Asana and Trello have come a long way to simplify to try to suit everyone. The truth is, most of us actually don't need all of the features in project management software, or even most of them. Instead of making work more efficient, these amount of features ends up over-complicating things. Important context about projects and how decisions are made gets hidden under many layers. It's easy to miss an attachment assigned to a task, or an important comment, simply because it takes so many clicks to get there.

This is part of the reason why so many of us resort to using something simpler, like spreadsheets or a document — even though these tools aren't actually designed for projects and team collaboration.

The problem with docs

We've all seen the docs that try to add tasks using bullet points, even though it's unclear if something is completed and who's in charge. We've all also tried to have meaningful conversations and make decisions via the annotations on docs, only to get overwhelmed by the massive amount of markup on a document.

How many times have you striked through a bullet point? Managing projects is a clunky process on a doc. Docs don't give the needed context of how these things are done, where the work is, who did it, and more.

Plenty of people we spoke with would use docs for meeting notes, with bullet points for tasks. Then, they were moving those bullet points into a task management system to track progress. There had to be something better, an actionable, smart doc that was built for to dos and real collaboration.

The happy medium: Input

This is why we've created Input — as an alternative to task management software and word processing docs. Input lets you create actionable, smart docs that let you collaborate with your team and get real work done.  

We designed Input to be a hybrid — something with the simplicity of quickly getting notes together, but with some of the power that other tools do bring, like assigning tasks, including due dates, adding attachments, and better collaboration. Clean and simple, working in Input should feel as natural as if you were typing into a doc, but with a select few powerful features to create the magic of collaboration and let projects seamlessly move forward.

Input is a powerful tool that uses docs to help you actually get things done. With Input, you can turn everything — including meeting notes — into an actionable, assignable task, helping you lead projects from start to finish in a smart doc. Signing up for Input is free.