Input: your tool for actionable, distraction-free writing

Sometimes, all you need is a blank page. Something simple and easy-to-use, where you can write distraction-free. And we’ve got you covered — we created Input  as a lightweight, beautifully-designed way to work. With Input, you can focus on your task (or writing) at hand, and nothing else. It’s the perfect solution no matter what type of long-form writing you’re working on, like a blog posts, article, essay, plan, or research. Really, anything involving a lot of words!

When you’re ready to move beyond the blank page to start organizing and planning next steps, Input evolves with you. With just a few clicks, you can turn your doc into a powerful tool where you can assign tasks, ask for feedback, and collaborate. 

We’ve compiled a few tips to make the most of long-form writing on Input.

1. Build an outline with formatting

Creating an outline for your writing is the perfect way to start to organize your research and your thoughts. Having a structure in place before you start writing will help you figure out in advance what feels  Headings make it easy to format your work in an easy-to-read way — try clicking H1 or H2 to get started.

2. Start writing! 

Maximize your window to rid yourself of all of your tabs and distractions. We particularly love using our Input desktop app — sometimes having your writing in a a singular place that’s separate from your internet browser can help you to separate your work and simply focus. 

Keyboard shortcuts are also a great way to avoid disrupting the flow of your writing, and save you time.

3. Collaborate

Collaboration is where Input really stands out from your typical word processor. Once you’re ready for feedback on your writing, share your work by clicking the blue Share button in the top-right corner of your doc. You can invite anyone to join your doc and read your work.

You can even call out certain sections of your writing by assigning those sections as tasks to whoever you're looking for feedback from. In turn, they can add their thoughts by commenting directly throughout the text. You can also @mention people specifically to get their attention. Anytime someone has been mentioned or assigned a task, they'll receive a notification.

4. Create action items

Whether you’re writing for work or for yourself, organize your next steps with action items. You can create a quick list of the next things you need to do, and assign them to someone else (or even yourself!) as reminders to get them done. Track your progress by completing tasks — just click on the bullet point to check them off.

Input is a powerful tool that uses docs to help you actually get things done. With Input, you can turn everything — including meeting notes — into an actionable, assignable task, helping you lead projects from start to finish in a smart doc. Signing up for Input is free.