Input for Remote Work

Move projects forward, no matter where your team is 🌎

Work together, in real time

Live editing makes it easy to work on projects collaboratively, no matter where you are. See who's editing what in real time, and keep an eye on who's in-the-loop with viewing activity. It's like you're in the same place, even when one of you is on a beach in Bermuda.

Promote transparency

One of the hardest parts about remote work? That feeling when not everyone is on the same page. Input builds transparency by acting as a repository of all of your team's most important conversations, so everyone can always reference how and why a decision was made.

Onboard with ease

Save your new hire's inbox from 20 onboarding emails and messages. Introduce new hires to your team the easy way by creating a shared folder of company-wide knowledge, and creating a live checklist of onboarding tasks to complete.