Input for Projects and Meetings

Designed for you to mind meld with your team đź––

1:1 Meetings

It's easy to fall into a conversation about work and reporting, to avoid a more awkward conversation about deeper issues or frustrations. Documenting progress and tracking all action items is enables you to make the most of your 1:1s.

Project Planning

Marketing plans, product launches, events—having an organized, cohesive plan is the best way to get things done. Collaboration starts with getting everyone on the same page and getting feedback. Input enables you start jotting a plan down, sharing it with your team and moving things forward.


Save everyone time by letting new hires find answers to most of their questions. Ramping up your team is faster and easy to keep track of.

Blog Post Drafts

Build your blog post simply and beautifully on Input. Gather all of your research in one place, and start writing. When you're ready for feedback, share your post by inviting your teammates, or assigning action items. Get started by copying and pasting this entire template into a new note on Input, and write away.


Coordinating a marketing announcement internally and externally is seamless with Input. Start by writing an outline, inviting your team, and assigning people tasks. Input is multiplayer, and they'll be able to edit and annotate your notes easily, from anywhere.


Jot down ongoing throughs and memos and share them with people you trust to get feedback.