Product Hunt Release and FixesFebruary 10, 2021

At last, we launched on product hunt last month and we've received an overwhelming amount of positive (and constructive) feedback. We've been heads down fixing some bugs and making the product more stable with each release.

2021 has started off strong. We've spent the last few weeks tightening up the experience and squashing any major bugs. Huge thank you goes out to Marv and Tom for helping us shape the experience over the last month.

  • Resolved: Duplicate comments appearing sometimes when you hit enter above text.
  • Resolved: Duplicate modal windows appear when adding a comment.
  • Resolved: Dragging and dropping images
  • Resolved: Account creation issue with Google auth
  • Additional performance and stability fixes

We're in the process of building some new features that will differentiate Input's the entire experience from all the other products out this quarter. If you want to see a sneak peak, you can join our slack community channel. Cheers all!

Welcome back!December 27, 2020

We're finishing 2020 strong with a myriad of updates across the board. It's a time to celebrate, reflect and prepare for next year. Over the last several weeks we have been working hard to ship some new things:


Now you can add comments to any paragraph, bullet point, and image. Comments are perfect for keeping you and your team in sync.

Additional Context

One of the biggest pain points in task management is getting assigned tasks with no context. We want an experience that fosters collaboration and giving people the right context to work with each other, so every time you assign a task to someone, you'll be prompted to add a comment. Context is king, and it'll help everyone get things done together in a natural way.

Micro Interactions

We've spent some time refining hover states across the board. When you hover over bullet points, you'll notice a small pulsating animation. Small refinements like this will help encourage you and your team to check things off.

First Time Welcome Doc

Every new account will get a short welcome email that walks them through all of Input's features. As you invite people, they'll get a warm message from our team that helps guide them through their first time experience.

Mark Anything and Everything Complete

You can now hover over any paragraph to mark it done by clicking on the button with three dots (we call this the "kabob" menu).

Presence Indicator

We've created a prototype experience that shows you when someone else is interacting with a doc. At the moment, the dot appears when someone else is editing the Title of the document. In the future, we will add more fidelity around this interaction, to help you understand who's using the document and what they're doing.

Images v0.2

We've updated images now so that you can mark them as complete, as well as drag them around in the document. Images now work like all other interactive items in the document.

Updated Homepage

While this is not a feature, we wanted to point out that we've updated the homepage too. We were feeling it needed a refresh, so we took a second to spruce things up so we're ready for 2021.

It just works.November 3, 2020

As we build new features, we are committed to making sure our product is stable for you to get more done. We are serious about delivering performance, stability, and an intuitive experience. We want to build a collaborative document that you're used to, with the light weight power of task management. There are some serious technical challenges that we've encountered along the way, but our team is commited to to making it just work, without compromises.

"It just works" is a slogan was inspired by our friends at Dropbox, and it's a mantra that has inspired us as well. We still have a lot to do, but we wanted to thank all the beta testers for being patient, giving us feedback, and helping us work towards building the vision. The most recent release is focused less around features and more around making the product stable and reliable.

Stability and Performance:

  • Fixed issue with blank pages - Sometimes pages wouldn't load
  • Fixed copy/paste issue - When you paste content into a doc, it would mark the items as complete automatically.

Improved User Experience

  • Improved UI to show that you can click on a bullet point to mark it as complete
  • Improved UI to indicate which block of text you can assign to a user. Hover over any block of text (like a bullet point or paragraph).

Rolled Back:

  • Creating documents with the @ mention - This was causing a bug where the document automatically injected the page title into the body. We will add this feature back in in the future when we have a fix.

Smart Bullet PointsOctober 15, 2020

Transform any bullet point and text into an actionable task. Smart bullets are perfect for outlines, plans, meeting notes, and any projects you want to move forward.

We've spent the last couple of months working with our active users to understand how they were using notes and documents, and there was singular common theme—they needed to get things done within a document without using more tools. We still have a lot to build, but our goal is to make everything in a document actionable, while fostering accountability and a natural way for people to work.

And as an extra, you can also transform each block of text (like a sentence or paragraph) into an actionable task.

Smart bullet point features:

  • Assign bullet points to people
  • Check any bullet points off
  • Mark things as complete by using the "kabob" icon
  • Get notifications when tasks are completed

Additional bug fixes & refinements:

  • Orange to represents items that are assigned to you in a note. Any time you see orange, it represents that it needs your attention.
  • Updated the navigation from "My Tasks" to "Needs Attention", with minor UI changes
iPhone and iPad app available for iOS 14October 7, 2020

As teams are adapting to getting things done remotely, we've reimagined our iOS app (for iPhone and now iPad). It takes advantages of some of the new UI features that iOS 14 offers. A quick shout out to our buddy Dennis for reporting some bugs and testing out some early builds.

  • App now sorts by last opened date
  • Star your most important notes!
  • Peek at the tasks you have assigned from your note feed
  • Filter down to only notes with tasks assigned
  • Search now works right from the Home Screen
  • Navigation is preserved between app relaunches
  • Fixed a bug where page tasks you are assigned to weren't colored
New notes, more notifications, and a fresh homepage.September 20, 2020

We've got some big things brewing behind the curtains, but until that ships, we wanted to keep things moving. Here are a couple of updates that you'll enjoy.

  • Create a new note from an @ mention - This is the fastest way to create a bi-directional link within your note
  • New browser/electron app notifications - Make sure to enable your browser notifications
  • New homepage design with refreshed marketing paged (and a blog!)
Enhancements based on community feedbackApril 30, 2020

A quick shout out to all the beta users playing with Input. All of these enhancements in this release have been based on your feedback. In addition, several issues that have been fixed based on user testing, recommended by Garrett Camp! Thanks for the advice—this is now part of our process.

Features & improvements

  • Keyboard shortcuts to create new notes and folders (OSX Desktop App)
    Create a new note: cmd + N
    Create a new folder: cmd + shift + N
  • Kabobs that help you create, duplicate, and delete faster
    Those little yummy 3 dots ("kabobs") enable you to do more with your notes and folders. You can now duplicate and delete notes from the navigation bar on the left.
  • Kabobs that help you create, duplicate, and delete faster
    Those little yummy 3 dots ("kabobs") enable you to do more with your notes and folders. You can now duplicate and delete notes from the navigation bar on the left. Also, you can create new notes within folders by using the kabob. Also-also, you can duplicate and delete notes using the kabob in the top right hand corner of a note.

Bug fixes & refinements

  • Folder drag and drop experience has been refined to feel more natural.
  • Titles of notes have been improved for better user experience.
  • Dark mode label toggles if you click anywhere on the tab — thanks Dennis!
  • Removed "Upload Avatar" button — thanks Charlotte and Dennis!
  • Change "Login" to "Log In" — thanks Dennis!
  • Sign in issues have been resolved. Sometimes users would get a blank screen after trying to sign in — thanks Jim!
  • Fixed a bug that caused pages within folders to be indented improperly.
  • Fixed a bug that caused duplicate notes after sharing.Fixed a bug that caused duplicate folders.
  • Toaster alert colors have been updated to be more clear.
  • Target area of blank notes have been increased so that it's easier to edit a note.
  • Added tool tips to the toolbar, on hover.
  • Updated push notifications so it's more clear who they're coming from.
  • Fixed a bug in the editor which caused scrolling issues when multiple people were editing.
  • Updated presence flags and highlighted colors to be more visually accessible.
Floating toolbar and linksMay 12, 2020

As we build our product, we are listening directly to user feedback. As we build big features, we're also keep an eye on the small things that help folks create bigger and better notes. A quick shout out to Belinda for being extraordinary beta testers and choosing Input.

Features & improvements

  • Floating toolbar with more styles, and adding links
    To activate the floating toolbar, simply highlight some text. A little bubble will appear, enabling you to create bold, italic, and underlined text. You can also highlight text and add a link, to make your note nice and clean.
  • Sign in with your Apple ID
    If you have an Apple account, you can sign in with one click

Bug fixes & refinements

  • Switched to UUIDs
  • Fixed bugs with the editor, which broke Safari and the iOS app
  • Fixed issue with activity. Old activities will be lost, but all new activities will be saved.
  • Added a "resend" button to verify your email when signing up
Find, Refined UX, AvatarsJune 1, 2020

Our team recently hosted a virtual offsite inviting users to provide feedback directly to our team. We took time to look at the entire spectrum of features, enhancements and bugs and we have prioritized this quarter to deliver features that will help you collaborate with your team. In addition, we have also set a clear roadmap to improve our user experience based on user feedback from our community and

Features & improvements

  • Find text in the MacOS X App:
    Command + F
  • New button:
    Command + N (for the MacOS X App)
    Command + Shift + N (for the MacOS X App)
  • Ability to change your avatar
    Go to the settings icon (located in the top left hand corner), go to "My Account" and click "Upload Photo"

Bug fixes & refinements

  • Fixed an issue with the editor which saved empty docs, causing occasional lost data—thank you Belinda, Charlotte and Dennis for reporting this!
  • Added "forgot password", because sometimes it happens
  • Don't show to users with read-only access the toolbar menu
  • More bug fixes
Tabs in Mac OSX App and Folders for the iOS AppJune 9, 2020

As you find yourself using Input more, getting to your most important notes faster is critical. Thanks to our early beta testeres your feedback—we hope that these new features save you time.

Features & improvements

  • Tabs in MacOS X App
    To access, manage and work with notes faster, the MacOS X App supports tabs. As part of making things faster, you can use the following keyboard shortcuts:
    CMD+W: Close Tab
    CMD+SHIFT+[: Previous Tab
    CMD+SHIFT+]: Next Tab
    CMD+N: New Note
  • Creating folders and moving items in the iOS App
    Now you can organize your notes easier in the iOS App. In addition, you can now long press to get a context menu to move and deleete items.

Bug fixes & refinements

  • Fixed iOS bug where opening a notification didn't take you to the right place
  • Refined invite flow in the iOS app
  • Improved sorting in the All section so that new docs open at the top in the iOS app
  • Hovering over a link will show it's URL
Who’s viewed your notes, improved email notifications, and long press for more options.June 21, 2020

Our team has listened your feedback and paid attention to the details to improve the experience. A special thanks goes out to all the folks hitting us up with ideas and ways to polish Input. Thanks Jen, Hoo, Merci, Charlotte, Belinda, Yong, Joe, Dennis and Justin.

Features & improvements

  • Know when people have viewed your note
    You can now see the last time others viewed a note by clicking the Share button.
  • Improved email layout with better readability
    When you invite someone or get a notification, emails from Input will be much easier to use, with a clear call to action.
  • iOS App has long press for more options
    Long press on any item in Input to rename folders, delete items and move thigns around.

Bug fixes & refinements

  • Optimize main navigation dragging & dropping
  • Clicking notifications opens that page in a tab
  • Better error reporting so we an squash bugs faster
  • iOS - Invite flow is now more intuitive and accessible
  • iOS - Fixed bugs with selection manipulation
  • iOS - Made view only permissions work as expected
Upgrade your team with networked knowledge and smarter task management.July 26, 2020

We're happy to announce two new major features that will help you collaborate with your team and never lose important tasks assigned to you. Input is the best way to connect your team's knowledge and and getting things done. We'd like to thank our #community channel for giving us so much feedback along the way.

Features & improvements

  • Networked Knowledge
    Internally, we've called this feature "inter doc linking", and it's the fastest way to connect all your notes/docs together. To link to knowledge you and your team have created in Input, simply type "@" and the title of the note/doc. (Ps. It works on the mobile iOS app too!)
  • My Tasks
    Keep track off all the tasks assigned to you by clicking on "My Tasks" in the left nav bar. You can check off task items inside the nav bar. When you click on the a task, it will take you straight to note with the task.

Bug fixes & refinements

  • Fixed issue: Removed toolbar bubble when you drag a task.
  • Refined "read only" experience by disabling editor toolbar, and disabling the sharing/invite buttons.
  • Fixed: cursor, remove hover box-shadow for disabled buttons.
  • Fixed: If a user tries to create an account (and already have an account), we will let the user know they already have an account. Thanks Dennis!
  • iOS: Added the ability to rename a folder while inside it in the navigation. Thanks Annie!
  • iOS: Fixed a bug on iOS where assigning tasks was broken. Thanks Annie!
  • iOS: Fixed a bug where the keyboard would obscure content on returning to the iOS app. Thanks Annie!
  • iOS: Fixed a toolbar alignment bug on iOS.
A fully updated iOS app, plus an easier way to request for access.August 11, 2020

Go ahead and update your iOS app now for the latest version of Input. It's the biggest update since we've launched the beta, and it has a ton of goodies waiting for you. In addition, we've made it easier to request for access for notes from people.

Features & improvements

  • iOS: Collapsible Navigation
    No more drilling down, hunting and pecking for notes. Now you can expand folders and see notes faster all on one page.
  • iOS: Drag and drop
    Long press to select a note or folder, and then drag them around to move and reorder your home.
  • iOS: Search
    Tap on the search icon on the bottom left to find your notes faster.
  • Request Access
    If you click on a note that you don't have access to, you can request for permission to open it. When you request for access, an email will be sent to the owner of the note, and it will automatically refresh your page when you've been granted permission.

Bug fixes & refinements

  • Fixed: When you invite an input user to a task, they will be auto assigned to it
  • Added links to the iOS and OSX app in the settings menu
  • Fixed an issue where notes wouldn't open from links/notifications in iOS
Know when tasks are complete, image support, and fixes.September 1, 2020

Want to know when someone has checked off a task? Then this update is for you. When you assign someone a task, you will be notified when it's complete or reopened. We also added image support, so you can drop in screenshots, inspiration and gifs to help plan and get things done.

Features & improvements

  • Task completed notifications to users associated with tasks
  • Image support in document. Users may drag and drop image media

Bug fixes & refinements

  • Added to iOS: Request for access to notes that are private
  • Added: New abilities to send custom commands to client applications, currently including Forced Updates, or logic based Check For New Updates between all applications (client and server)
  • Added: Unique version reporting for all clients/servers, allows upgrade referee logic, and a way to keep versions in sync
  • Fixed issue: Added an upgrade referee, allows application to notify user when breaking changes are made.
  • Fixed issue: Left side navigation animation fix, solves visual UI bug when collapsing expanding
  • Fixed issue: Allow notifications to be sent to email, as well as mobile simultaneously, if the user option is enabled.