Find, Refined UX, Avatars

June 1, 2020

Our team recently hosted a virtual offsite inviting users to provide feedback directly to our team. We took time to look at the entire spectrum of features, enhancements and bugs and we have prioritized this quarter to deliver features that will help you collaborate with your team. In addition, we have also set a clear roadmap to improve our user experience based on user feedback from our community and

Features & improvements

  • Find text in the MacOS X App:
    Command + F
  • New button:
    Command + N (for the MacOS X App)
    Command + Shift + N (for the MacOS X App)
  • Ability to change your avatar
    Go to the settings icon (located in the top left hand corner), go to "My Account" and click "Upload Photo"

Bug fixes & refinements

  • Fixed an issue with the editor which saved empty docs, causing occasional lost data—thank you Belinda, Charlotte and Dennis for reporting this!
  • Added "forgot password", because sometimes it happens
  • Don't show to users with read-only access the toolbar menu
  • More bug fixes