It just works.

November 3, 2020

As we build new features, we are committed to making sure our product is stable for you to get more done. We are serious about delivering performance, stability, and an intuitive experience. We want to build a collaborative document that you're used to, with the light weight power of task management. There are some serious technical challenges that we've encountered along the way, but our team is commited to to making it just work, without compromises.

"It just works" is a slogan was inspired by our friends at Dropbox, and it's a mantra that has inspired us as well. We still have a lot to do, but we wanted to thank all the beta testers for being patient, giving us feedback, and helping us work towards building the vision. The most recent release is focused less around features and more around making the product stable and reliable.

Stability and Performance:

  • Fixed issue with blank pages - Sometimes pages wouldn't load
  • Fixed copy/paste issue - When you paste content into a doc, it would mark the items as complete automatically.

Improved User Experience

  • Improved UI to show that you can click on a bullet point to mark it as complete
  • Improved UI to indicate which block of text you can assign to a user. Hover over any block of text (like a bullet point or paragraph).

Rolled Back:

  • Creating documents with the @ mention - This was causing a bug where the document automatically injected the page title into the body. We will add this feature back in in the future when we have a fix.