Know when tasks are complete, image support, and fixes.

September 1, 2020

Want to know when someone has checked off a task? Then this update is for you. When you assign someone a task, you will be notified when it's complete or reopened. We also added image support, so you can drop in screenshots, inspiration and gifs to help plan and get things done.

Features & improvements

  • Task completed notifications to users associated with tasks
  • Image support in document. Users may drag and drop image media

Bug fixes & refinements

  • Added to iOS: Request for access to notes that are private
  • Added: New abilities to send custom commands to client applications, currently including Forced Updates, or logic based Check For New Updates between all applications (client and server)
  • Added: Unique version reporting for all clients/servers, allows upgrade referee logic, and a way to keep versions in sync
  • Fixed issue: Added an upgrade referee, allows application to notify user when breaking changes are made.
  • Fixed issue: Left side navigation animation fix, solves visual UI bug when collapsing expanding
  • Fixed issue: Allow notifications to be sent to email, as well as mobile simultaneously, if the user option is enabled.