Product Hunt Release and Fixes

February 10, 2021

At last, we launched on product hunt last month and we've received an overwhelming amount of positive (and constructive) feedback. We've been heads down fixing some bugs and making the product more stable with each release.

2021 has started off strong. We've spent the last few weeks tightening up the experience and squashing any major bugs. Huge thank you goes out to Marv and Tom for helping us shape the experience over the last month.

  • Resolved: Duplicate comments appearing sometimes when you hit enter above text.
  • Resolved: Duplicate modal windows appear when adding a comment.
  • Resolved: Dragging and dropping images
  • Resolved: Account creation issue with Google auth
  • Additional performance and stability fixes

We're in the process of building some new features that will differentiate Input's the entire experience from all the other products out this quarter. If you want to see a sneak peak, you can join our slack community channel. Cheers all!