Smart Bullet Points

October 15, 2020

Transform any bullet point and text into an actionable task. Smart bullets are perfect for outlines, plans, meeting notes, and any projects you want to move forward.

We've spent the last couple of months working with our active users to understand how they were using notes and documents, and there was singular common theme—they needed to get things done within a document without using more tools. We still have a lot to build, but our goal is to make everything in a document actionable, while fostering accountability and a natural way for people to work.

And as an extra, you can also transform each block of text (like a sentence or paragraph) into an actionable task.

Smart bullet point features:

  • Assign bullet points to people
  • Check any bullet points off
  • Mark things as complete by using the "kabob" icon
  • Get notifications when tasks are completed

Additional bug fixes & refinements:

  • Orange to represents items that are assigned to you in a note. Any time you see orange, it represents that it needs your attention.
  • Updated the navigation from "My Tasks" to "Needs Attention", with minor UI changes