Tabs in Mac OSX App and Folders for the iOS App

June 9, 2020

As you find yourself using Input more, getting to your most important notes faster is critical. Thanks to our early beta testeres your feedback—we hope that these new features save you time.

Features & improvements

  • Tabs in MacOS X App
    To access, manage and work with notes faster, the MacOS X App supports tabs. As part of making things faster, you can use the following keyboard shortcuts:
    CMD+W: Close Tab
    CMD+SHIFT+[: Previous Tab
    CMD+SHIFT+]: Next Tab
    CMD+N: New Note
  • Creating folders and moving items in the iOS App
    Now you can organize your notes easier in the iOS App. In addition, you can now long press to get a context menu to move and deleete items.

Bug fixes & refinements

  • Fixed iOS bug where opening a notification didn't take you to the right place
  • Refined invite flow in the iOS app
  • Improved sorting in the All section so that new docs open at the top in the iOS app
  • Hovering over a link will show it's URL