Upgrade your team with networked knowledge and smarter task management.

July 26, 2020

We're happy to announce two new major features that will help you collaborate with your team and never lose important tasks assigned to you. Input is the best way to connect your team's knowledge and and getting things done. We'd like to thank our #community channel for giving us so much feedback along the way.

Features & improvements

  • Networked Knowledge
    Internally, we've called this feature "inter doc linking", and it's the fastest way to connect all your notes/docs together. To link to knowledge you and your team have created in Input, simply type "@" and the title of the note/doc. (Ps. It works on the mobile iOS app too!)
  • My Tasks
    Keep track off all the tasks assigned to you by clicking on "My Tasks" in the left nav bar. You can check off task items inside the nav bar. When you click on the a task, it will take you straight to note with the task.

Bug fixes & refinements

  • Fixed issue: Removed toolbar bubble when you drag a task.
  • Refined "read only" experience by disabling editor toolbar, and disabling the sharing/invite buttons.
  • Fixed: cursor, remove hover box-shadow for disabled buttons.
  • Fixed: If a user tries to create an account (and already have an account), we will let the user know they already have an account. Thanks Dennis!
  • iOS: Added the ability to rename a folder while inside it in the navigation. Thanks Annie!
  • iOS: Fixed a bug on iOS where assigning tasks was broken. Thanks Annie!
  • iOS: Fixed a bug where the keyboard would obscure content on returning to the iOS app. Thanks Annie!
  • iOS: Fixed a toolbar alignment bug on iOS.