Welcome back!

December 27, 2020

We're finishing 2020 strong with a myriad of updates across the board. It's a time to celebrate, reflect and prepare for next year. Over the last several weeks we have been working hard to ship some new things:


Now you can add comments to any paragraph, bullet point, and image. Comments are perfect for keeping you and your team in sync.

Additional Context

One of the biggest pain points in task management is getting assigned tasks with no context. We want an experience that fosters collaboration and giving people the right context to work with each other, so every time you assign a task to someone, you'll be prompted to add a comment. Context is king, and it'll help everyone get things done together in a natural way.

Micro Interactions

We've spent some time refining hover states across the board. When you hover over bullet points, you'll notice a small pulsating animation. Small refinements like this will help encourage you and your team to check things off.

First Time Welcome Doc

Every new account will get a short welcome email that walks them through all of Input's features. As you invite people, they'll get a warm message from our team that helps guide them through their first time experience.

Mark Anything and Everything Complete

You can now hover over any paragraph to mark it done by clicking on the button with three dots (we call this the "kabob" menu).

Presence Indicator

We've created a prototype experience that shows you when someone else is interacting with a doc. At the moment, the dot appears when someone else is editing the Title of the document. In the future, we will add more fidelity around this interaction, to help you understand who's using the document and what they're doing.

Images v0.2

We've updated images now so that you can mark them as complete, as well as drag them around in the document. Images now work like all other interactive items in the document.

Updated Homepage

While this is not a feature, we wanted to point out that we've updated the homepage too. We were feeling it needed a refresh, so we took a second to spruce things up so we're ready for 2021.