Who’s viewed your notes, improved email notifications, and long press for more options.

June 21, 2020

Our team has listened your feedback and paid attention to the details to improve the experience. A special thanks goes out to all the folks hitting us up with ideas and ways to polish Input. Thanks Jen, Hoo, Merci, Charlotte, Belinda, Yong, Joe, Dennis and Justin.

Features & improvements

  • Know when people have viewed your note
    You can now see the last time others viewed a note by clicking the Share button.
  • Improved email layout with better readability
    When you invite someone or get a notification, emails from Input will be much easier to use, with a clear call to action.
  • iOS App has long press for more options
    Long press on any item in Input to rename folders, delete items and move thigns around.

Bug fixes & refinements

  • Optimize main navigation dragging & dropping
  • Clicking notifications opens that page in a tab
  • Better error reporting so we an squash bugs faster
  • iOS - Invite flow is now more intuitive and accessible
  • iOS - Fixed bugs with selection manipulation
  • iOS - Made view only permissions work as expected