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Take action, simply

There's a better way to move your projects forward. Input has the simplicity of writing in a doc, but combined with some of the most powerful features of project management. Get things done, without being weighed down.

Work together, in real-time

See it all, know it all. Input gives you a live, birds-eye view on where your projects stand. With real-time editing and viewing activity, it's like you're in the same place — even if one of you is actually on a beach in Bermuda.

Context is king

Checking off a task just isn't enough. Input builds transparency by acting as a repository of your team's most important conversations. Instantly reference why a decision was made, so you can ditch awkward follow-up emails and status update requests.

It only works, if it works everywhere.

We’re building Input to work on-and-offline, across devices, operating systems, and platforms.