Focus on closing dealsinstead of tediousCRM data entry

Input automatically updates your CRM based on your emails, calendar and calls.

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We get it.

You want to focus on sales, not admin work.

Between calls, meetings and emails, the CRM gets updated last.

Data accuracy loss

Only 58% of communications are updated in the CRM.

Productivity loss

5+ hours per week are spent on data logging.

Revenue loss

15% increase in churn due to slow follow-ups.

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Forget about updating the CRM again.Let Input do that for you.

Picture of CRM with all fields filled with Input
Example email thread with a customer and Input Assistant replying with updates to you

Build customers relationships while your CRM gets updated

Input reads customer emails and spots which fields need to be updated allowing you to redirect focus towards follow-ups and deal strategy.

  • Understands natural language
  • Uses BANT, MEDDIC, SPICED or your custom sales playbook
  • Keeps up with the entire conversation
  • Learns & improves with each update

Stay ahead with pre-meeting briefs

Before each meeting, Input sends you a summary of past emails & meetings with specific questions to move the deal forward.

  • Combines all conversations across your company
  • Highlights deal-blockers, missing qualifiers, and personal highlights
Example email from Input Assistant with a pre-meeting brief for a customer meeting

Input keeps your sales cycle moving forwardeverywhere you need it to be

Input magic summary showing information about previous customer interactions and purchase intent

Pre-meeting summaries

Get quickly caught up on the full history and never shuffle away before a meeting again.

Image showing Input connecting with Zoom and Google Meet

Don't miss anything said in a call

Input captures and registers buying cues and subtle details that influence deal success.

Image showing Input connecting with Zoom and Google Meet

Works with you on Slack

Follow Input's work in Slack, get daily summaries so you're always in the know.

See what our customers are saying

For sales managers

Never miss a beat with an accurate pipeline & consistent updates

Spot deal-blockers or sales challenges before a pipeline review or 1-on-1.

Forecast more accurately, leaving personal biases out of your evaluations.

Uncover overlooked customer insights that may have gone unnoticed.

Designed to work in auto-pilot

Keep automatic updates or approve as you go.

Input settings showing an option for Automatic vs Manual updates

Auto-apply or manually review updates

View of historical updates in Input settings, each with a revert button

Access the history of every update

Input settings showing a lock icon on a field to prevent updates to it

Lock fields that shouldn't be updated

Keeping your data secure and private is our topmost priority

Your data is encrypted both in transit and at rest, with strict controls to minimize exposure to third parties. We never compromise your trust by selling your information.

  • Officially Google approved after rigorous testing
  • SOC2 Certification in progress