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Lead team projects from start to finish in a smart doc.

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It's about time docs were smarter and actually helped you get 💩 done. Turn anything into an actionable and assignable task. Basic bullet points become super powered action items. A simple outline or meeting notes automatically transform into a doc that does the leg work for you.

Track every step

Know where the work stands and get notified when things are moving. Input supercharges every bullet point, task and item with with detailed notifications so everyone stays in the loop. Input is for people who need their project documents to be air-tight.

Context is king

It's not enough for something just to be checked off. Input helps you and your team quickly understand what was done and why. Documents grow, priorities shift, and it's critical for your team to have more context to stay aligned with less meetings.

It only works, if it works everywhere.

We’re building Input to work on-and-offline, across devices, operating systems, and platforms.