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This product experiment will be discontinued on November 13th, 2021. This was an amazing beta that was worth building for you, and we appreciate all that we've learned.

Plan together

There's a better way to move your projects forward. Input has the simplicity of writing in a doc, but combined with some of the most powerful features of project management. Get things done, without being weighed down.

Stay in the loop

See it all, know it all. Input gives you a live, birds-eye view on where your projects stand. With real-time editing and viewing activity, it's like you're in the same place — even if one of you is actually on a beach in Bermuda.

Get things done

Checking off a task just isn't enough. Input builds transparency by acting as a repository of your team's most important conversations. Instantly reference why a decision was made, so you can ditch awkward follow-up emails and status update requests.

It's lightweight, without cumbersome features, to organize the important pieces of my life.

Yong Park, Software Engineer

Essential features built for output.

Tasks at your fingertips
In Input, just about anything can be turned into a task. Assign to-dos across your team, and stay updated with notifications along the way.
Inline commenting
Collaborate away. In-line commenting lets you keep your docs clean and lightweight. See project statuses and recent questions at-a-glance.
Ditch notification overload. Our specific settings make sure you get the right notifications from the right people, at the right time.
Needs attention
Never forget a task. Anything that's assigned to you is color-coded and organized in a smart folder, so you can always see your to-dos.
Familiar organization
Create new docs and folders easily. Simple drag-and-drop organization means you always know how to find what you need.
Dark Mode
No matter what time of day you and your team are collaborating, work within a beautiful environment that's easy on the eyes.
MacOS App
Our desktop app lets you access your docs faster and stay connected with your team anytime you're online.
Go beyond the written word. Drag-and-drop an image to any doc, anytime.
Inspired by multiplayer games, real-time cursors  show you what your team is working on, this very moment.
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